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Thursday 04 July 2013 'husbands boss' 'corporate ' 'alpha''begging'

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(M+/F, wife-exh, husband-voy, cheat, bi) *** Author Note: Any and all comments . to two of his co-workers while his boss was fucking her up the ass right in the middle . no pain at all as the drinks were still flowing freely and I had good company. . and rubbed it up and down her slit until she was begging him to shove it in.

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“I suppose if I could supply the boss with cocaine and women, I could draw better properties to list too. . Basic Alpha Male dominance began asserting itself. . Digging around through my desk, I finally found the business card I was looking for. . and a high-pitched little squeal beginning to build as she neared orgasm.

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I opened it to find Him standing there; Him, our new owner, my boss, the . I looked at Joyce, and she looked back at me, her big innocent eyes begging for an answer . complete power, to take a young wife while her helpless husband watches. . He continued, "I'm alpha male right now, I'm having your woman and you've .

Defiled Young Secretary.txt

Her husband, Todd, became another victim of the worst economy since the Great . to sell the company to a wealthy young black man named Reggie Johnson, who had . They may not have any rooms available," Kelly said, hopeful that her boss . pink folds cling to his charcoal stick as she begged him to stop fucking her .

THE WOLF'S LAIR by E.A. Grant - Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository

He knew of course what room she was in, he had directed her husband to it. She was . Gary's boss was the company owner, Alex Wolfgang Croll; friends called him Wolf. That first . “Start at the beginning, Honey and just tell me what happened. Did you . Un-like his parent's passivity, Billy was a rare alpha male. “ Well .'s_Lair.htm

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Jun 15, 2013 . The husband is a helpless victim of his wife's promiscuity from the outset . A Present From Tokyo - by Spoonbender - An American business . A Sexy Letter To Annie - by Kahn - Consensual threesome sex involving co-workers and boss. . Breeding Season At The Rocking R Ranch (Version Alpha) - by .

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There is no o o particular order other than offering them to you in alpha- o o betical . As a regular, I get the freebies they offer to generate repeat business, such as . problems while his pretty boy boss looked good for the Gaming Commission. . Both husband and wife had gambled, but the wife dropped ten grand at the .'s_Collection/Book_Shelf_H/Helena's%20Rape%20(MF,%20NC,%20rape).txt

Breeder's Cup (Mf-mf, incest, cons, teen, preg).txt - FTP

There is no o o particular order other than offering them to you in alpha- o o . She has used the label of "big sister" to constantly boss me around, and tell me what . Heather just gave me a superior look and told me to, "Mind my own business. . He and Mom had been husband and wife, but were brother and sister as well.'s_Collection/Book_Shelf_B/Breeder's%20Cup%20(Mf-mf,%20incest,%20cons,%20teen,%20preg).txt

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There is no o o particular order other than offering them to you in alpha- o o betical . she scolded, "or I'm going to report you to your company! . Husband goes away to sea and the wife gets to frettin' about his not coming home and . Ann suspected that there was something between Julia and Max Schroeder, her boss.'s_Collection/Book_Shelf_B/Blackmailed%20Wife%20(MF,%20nc,%20blkmail).txt

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There is no o o particular order other than offering them to you in alpha- o o . The more the company hired, the better our job security. . Finally I resolved that come tomorrow morning, I was just going to ask the boss to let someone else train her. . She replied that she was not looking for a boyfriend or a husband, just a .'s_Collection/Book_Shelf_C/Carol%20(MF,%20work).txt

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She needn't know how turned on by it I was, or what a punk her husband really was. . All business and no bullshit about 'Miss' Patty this day. . The rent boy was very obviously enjoying being the boss over a man who probably . I as the ' Duke' and the adult was about to lose my position as the alpha male here today.

Andrew Simpson with his wife Leah after the 2008 'husbands boss' 'corporate ' 'alpha''begging's

Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository -- Spotlights Archive . the soccer- mom next door, inducing her – and her husband – to new depths of depravity and humiliation. . he introduces her to one of his friends who will looking after her when Daddy's away on business. . He cried out for mercy and begged me to stop.

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There is no o o particular order other than offering them to you in alpha- o o betical . Alice had been brought by taxi in company with one of Marko's henchmen and . He got his finger tips on her nipples and was beginning to rub them before he . She had not spoken to the big boss man since her very successful venture .'s_Collection/Book_Shelf_A/Alice%20Marlow%20(MF,%20wife,%20reluc).txt

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ASSTR donation link: · A Bedroom Conversation - by The Dawn - A very dark tale of a husband who finds out his wife has . A Beginning To An End - by JMS - A man controlling a young girl in her sexual . Boss's Secretary, The - by Cuckolded1946 - After months of teasing I finally get a .

A Fatal Desire by Secret Cuckold - Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository

The husband is a helpless victim of his wife's promiscuity from the outset of . dinner with him before, and once went on an overnight business trip with him. . But taking on her boss and co-worker and begging for a baby, saying I'll be . My wife, a beautiful maiden, needed to be serviced by an alpha male, not a beta male .

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The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive · Titles · Authors .

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In the beginning of our relationship she tried to go down on me a few times. . Mr . Olson ranted on about the fate of being "an alpha male in a feminized society"(!). I can still remember quotes like: "In business - as in life - the guy with the biggest balls wins." "He got . Her husband on the other hand is desperate to keep her.

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I just like the way this flows, the guy reactivating a trance in his boss to get the night . Opening up for the nudist colony is nice and the twist with the husbands is good too. . I liked how he had the girl begging to be put under, even knowing what would happen. . Alpha Zeta Hypno Tao by Neo Whyachi: . Good Company.

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Cattleman's Lament - by Beating Off Bob - Alt.Sex.Stories Text ...

Mamma had shot her husband a look that would have sent Sarah running, had it . a herd of 1500 sheep purchased from the Yellowstone Sheep Company was . to his attentions toward her, crowded up and pushed his boss out of the way. . by Charley Kemp and Buster, the alpha male sheep dog of Brad's operation.

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Mr. Hawkins her boss now, said that it was her girlish enthusiasm and . have to spend another second with that coarse slug of a husband back in Blackjack. . Mr . Hawkins mailed it for her in Las Vegas when he had to drive up there on business. . Sarah mindful of the fact that her words were beginning to slur a bit around .'s_Collection/Book_Shelf_A/Animal%20Girl%20(F-animals).txt


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Story... Revenge against the rapist. (Torture, snuff, beast) Lines: 504

Message-ID: <57450asstr$> X-Original-To: . My husband is a former special forces soldier and we are under the protection of my husband's former unit. . In her alpha state she kept an image of the gun in her mind. . He just wished she would beg them like he had to beg for his lefe from .

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. all of his stories, which revolve around an alpha male hypnotizing or brainwashing a . On his birthday, the husband of a college professor gets to experience the . the story; s/he hasn't even left us an e-mail address so we can beg for more! . of a boss, as part of a plan to take over first the company, and then the world.

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True Confessions

That phony polygraph was the best idea you ever came up with, boss." . Talking honestly with her husband about the possibility that she may have to . These guys, the corporate executives, are all looked upon as swingers in their private lives. . In her fantasy, she conditions Robert to accepting Jerry as the Alpha male .

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There is no o o particular order other than offering them to you in alpha- o o betical . Business, always business, him and his new job at Skopos, Incorporated. He never had time to be a husband to her any more, and she . . . well, she was little more . Oliss came forward and put his hands on the chair beside his boss.'s_Collection/Book_Shelf_B/Blackmailed%20Mother%20(MF,%20sub,%20nc).txt

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